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✔ Market Characterization

✔ Competitors review

✔ Mechanical development

✔ packaging design

✔ Prototype manufacturing

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Our services

Mechanism design

motorized systems Design, gearboxes, torque calculations, rotational speeds, propulsion arm design.

Conveying and control systems

Conveyor and control systems, conveyor design, robots, lifting facilities based on programmed controllers.

Engineering consulting

Calculating heat disposal & stress Analysis are done using SOLIDWORKS SIMULATION, Bending, collapse, material fatigue efforts.

Stress analysis and heat removal

engineering solutions for the client’s project/ idea, expected production costs, process optimization and propulsion systems.

Electronic Packaging

Electronic tin packaging design, electronic packaging, hardened and sealed packaging - according to customer requirements.

Parts design & modeling for mass production

Modeling of parts and sketching assembly models, including production sketches according to the ISO English standard - fit for international production.

10 representative projects


Sitting sculpture

Sitting sculpture ON Engineering is a boutique company that specializes in product development, design and production. During out 15 years of activity we have developed

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SOAP SPINNER SOAP SPINNER Design was developed and designed for mass production for an international toy company. The product is currently marketed in the US

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Portable wireless router

Portable wireless router This project included product design, development and production of models and preparation for mass production. The project was assembled in the company’s

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Periscope toy for kids

Periscope toy for kids The design included two  different layers of plastic injected on top of each other. interior mirrors were designed perfectly for great

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